EMVA: How did we celebrate the 3rd Annual Ceremony?

An Evening Full of Emotions Went Off as Planned.

It was a night filled with vibrant energy and creativity. We showcased more than 40 music videos, highlighting both local and international talent. We recognized three Slovak artists and over seven from abroad. While we understand the absence of overseas artists, given their location on the other side of the world, we made sure to send their awards and certificates by post. It was an honor to judge and display such beautiful work.

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More than 85 atrist & enthusiasts began the evening with a music marathon and a networking session for artists. We screened a variety of genres from different countries, keeping with the tradition of previous years. The energy was high as artists and fans mingled, sharing their passion for music and visual art. Following this lively start, we moved on to the main event.

The main portion of the evening was divided into two segments. In the first, we showcased selected works from Slovak artists, and in the second, we presented the best works from international artists. One unique feature of our festival is the voting process at our events. All attendees, whether artists or passionate video enthusiasts, get a say in which videos resonated with them the most based on their own criteria. With over 85 votes cast, we arrived at the following results.




 We greatly appreciate the arrival of Aneska from abroad, whose new album we christened and awarded during the event. An interesting point was the group "Niečo Navyše," which has consistently placed among the top three in the Slovak category's audience voting for three years in a row. We also congratulate artist Jeff Hilliard, who secured first place at the summer screening with his clip "Consensual," and second place at the main ceremony with his music video "Abadon."


And let's go to the results of the audience vote:


1st. PLACE

Wait for Me

Directed by Gordon Delacroix (Belgium)

2nd. PLACE

Jeff Hilliard - Abandon

Directed by: Jeff Hilliard (United States)

3rd. PLACE

Love Renaissance

Directed by Simeon Hu (United States)


1st. Place 

P.O.H. - Vrátiť sa

2nd. Place

Janais - Domov

3rd. Place

Niečo Navyše - Narodeninová

 "We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all our submitters. Every piece is unique, reflecting personal character and a distinctive spirit. Out of all the submissions, we aim to showcase the most exceptional projects on the final screen. We're confident that in the coming years, we'll continue to improve, screening twice as many works, and attracting even more music video enthusiasts eager to see your creations on the big screen" EMVA. 

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