What visual and idea does our black & white video winner represent? ... reveals Anamarija Tumbas with the song Stroberiz | Dvoje

I have always preferred the black-and-white form, which can be seen in previous videos from the Stroberiz project. I believe it allows viewers to color that black-and-white world in their own minds, and I think those colors are suggested by the sound accompanying the image. At least, that’s how it works for me. When certain elements are lacking, the brain tries to compensate for them with imagination, and that unconscious effort is something that inspires me.

How do you believe the theme of violence manifests in our everyday lives?

I think life in Serbia inherently involves this. In a country where the system protects the powerful and neglects the weaker, violence is something we hear about daily, especially in the media. In a significantly patriarchal society, violence against women is still treated as something acceptable. This is the main reason why I chose women to be the focus of the video. Since I work in a civic cultural center where we aim to engage people in social activism, especially the youth, using culture and art as tools, our conversations with them reveal a growing lack of empathy, concern for others, and belief in oneself and one's ability to change and make changes. Due to the fast-paced life and technology, communication has become superficial, and people don't strive to understand and accept each other although they crave to be understood and accepted. That is why I believe music is a very powerful tool; it can raise questions, open a dialogue with oneself, and encourage reflection.

Can you tell us more about the idea that we are always Together with ourselves? How did you manage to express the idea of inner strength and self-embrace in the video? Building on the previous answer,

I believe alienation and loneliness stem from a strong desire for validation, acceptance, and understanding. Becoming aware, accepting, and working on oneself is the best thing someone seeking love can do. Speaking from personal experience, I chose to depict women in the video who are shedding their fears, acknowledging their truths, and moving forward, asking, How long must we remain silent, blind, and mute? In my opinion, self-awareness and introspection lead to genuine connection, inevitably bringing the right people into your life.

What role does your poetic expression play in this project?

I would say it plays a major role because the video contains no mystification. The action follows the lyrics, from the choreography to the symbolism of the blindfold, the hands emerging from the darkness, the vase being assembled from pieces, and finally, the clearly written message. While writing this song, I had a clear picture in my mind of how I wanted to convey it visually. Thanks to the great team that fully understood what I wanted to express, everything turned out just as I had imagined.

How did you transition from working with local bands to performing as a solo act?

I started writing my own songs long ago but never imagined performing them alone. Subotica is a small town with many bands composed of the same people, so one more band would add to the crowding. It was difficult to gather people for rehearsals and shows, so I decided to go solo. I bought a guitar and effects and pieced everything together to create a representative performance. As an introvert, it was initially challenging to perform in front of an audience, but overcoming that fear opened many doors for me. Since then, I have played all over Europe, meeting wonderful people and realizing the importance of building a community and sharing experiences.

What impact did the collaboration with beatmakers MFakka and Frikardo have on your musical style?

Collaborating with Frikardo and MFakka brought me new friendships and great motivation to work on music, as I used to do everything mostly by myself. We started with them mixing some of my songs, and later MFakka began creating music specifically for me, which was a refreshing yet comfortable experience because our musical tastes align. He managed to complement my limited production knowledge with his own and elevate the final result to a higher level. Doing something independently is powerful, but doing something as a team is truly fulfilling. Its better when we work TOGETHER.

 What do you consider the biggest challenge in creating music videos?

For underground artists, the biggest challenge is definitely finances, followed by finding people who are open and inspired to create something that doesn't bring financial gain. As I mentioned, Subotica is a small town from which young people mostly leave. If someone wants to engage in directing or filming art content, they move to a bigger city or another country for education and opportunities and often stay there. I didn't have the ambition to chase success in a bigger city because I don't see music and art as something I do, but rather as something I live. Therefore, I find other ways, but I must note that it would be impossible without the help of friends. The girls in the video are not actresses or dancers, just as I am not a director, nor is Dejan, the editor, a professional cameraman. But together, we managed to pull it off, and I believe that giving them the opportunity to participate in such a project can inspire them for independent pursuits in the future, no matter what their background or occupation is, and they truly deserve to be mentioned. They are Tara Majstorovic, Mila Bal Maravic, Ena Sudarevic, Teodora Vignjevic, Maja Milanovic, Martina Vojnic Tunic, Dejan Flajsman, Zeljko Kicanovic, Nemanja Haris, and Milos Radovic. Working with a large group for the first time was a wonderful experience, and I am very grateful to everyone.

It was your first work? What are your future plans for your music career?

This was my first serious shot at directing a video. I usually aimed for simpler, single-take projects, and I am a big fan of DIY approach, but it was different this time; I had a clear vision. I enjoyed the process but don't plan to force directing in the future, although the award you've given me is a great encouragement and I am very grateful. If there is a vision, I will pursue it. I want to do what I feel and what pleases me, which is to create, express myself, and share that with others. I am sure every artist can reach their audience simply by doing what they love and feel. I want to continue on that path without pressure and high expectations, and I'm excited about what the future holds.