EMVA: Reflecting on the Outstanding Moments of our 2023 Ceremonies

In the course of 2023, we were privileged to witness an array of phenomenal works that left an indelible mark on our esteemed panel of judges. Some music videos quite literally had us on the edge of our seats. With the eagerly anticipated main awards ceremony scheduled for the beginning of 2024, the excitement is palpable. Let's delve into three standout events from this year.



1. Summary of the 2022 Main Ceremony: A Tale of Slovak and Global Excellence

Our main ceremony, which took place in the heart of Košice, turned out to be a beautiful and well-managed event divided into two parts - Slovak and World video clips. During five hours, we awarded the three best Slovak video clips and more than five international counterparts. We screened more than 20 remarkable works..

Among the world selections, Dimitris Nezis emerged as our main financial winner, recognized for the significant progress he made during the year. Award directly to the address, for the "best shock" "Rotlaust - born" was won especially by Olga Kuzmenko from Ireland. Haonan Huang also received an award for his long-term position in our top 20 ranking for the video clip Mermaid.



Stay tuned for an upcoming article that will delve deeper into these remarkable pieces. We sent customized diplomas to all the main winners of this ceremony.

Within the Slovak category, the top-ranking video was "Vzťah Stereotypný" by the band Niečo navyše, and the jury's choice for the best song went to Martin Bilička's "Jesenná." Our heartfelt congratulations to these deserving winners!



2. Summer Open-Air Event: Celebrating Winning Music Videos

Our summer event under the open sky was nothing special, dedicated to award-winning video clips. In recognition of outstanding achievements, trophies and diplomas were presented. The artist Előd Marosvölgyi from Budapest honored us with his presence with an award for the winning song Cigarette, which was also screened for the audience. We also showed more than 20 video clips. Just like at the main ceremony, every viewer had the opportunity to vote for the best video clip. The viewer's vote was given to the video clip Consensual by producer Jeff Hilliard. You can read more about this clip in our article about Jeff.




3. Screening in the bosom of nocturnal nature.

The highlight of the engaging events was "Black Night" at the Košice Castle, where our projection showed the captivated audience the best of autumn creations. The voice of the viewer, which we didn't work with here. But it was a perfect atmosphere in a beautiful and authentic environment, which we would definitely like to repeat.



As we eagerly anticipate the 2024 awards ceremony, these moments serve as a testament to the incredible talent and creativity that defined our artistic landscape in 2023. The fusion of local and global perspectives, coupled with the celebration of diverse genres, reinforces our commitment to recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements in the world of music videos. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights into the awarded works in our upcoming articles.


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