BailarinaS by Fernando (Best Mobile Phone Music Video of season 13)

It all started in the Body and Movement class that I had in the Master in Film that I am doing right now. Cristiane Wosniak, a great dance and film professor, gave us the assignment to produce a video dance. So I started with what I had at home: my wife and my daughter are ballet practitioners. Then we thought about the location that is in the same place as the dance school, the beautiful music "Love Parade" that I knew I could use and I spent the following days thinking of how I should use the large space for big movements. The last idea I had was to have the little ballerina as the choreographer, with the video's narrative being her teaching the older dancer the steps of the dance.


Fernando, we know you've been working in the field for over 20 years. With how many artists have you worked with, and which one has influenced your career the most?

I have worked with many kinds of artists, so it would be difficult to say which has influenced me the most. However, in the last few years, I produced a few videos for the Viaggiatori Armonici, including the BailarinaS videoclip, so I can say that they are the most present artists in my work with music. Others musicians that I have worked with are: Tiago Iorc (a very popular singer in Brazil), Trio Quintina (a Brazilian music band) and DJ Ilan.


For the video "BailarinaS," you won the award for Best Mobile Phone Music Video. It's a very high-quality image. What phone did you use for shooting, and what other tools did you use besides the mobile?

I used an Iphone 11 pro to make this video and edited it in the Adobe Premiere. That was pretty much it. I appreciated the "very high-quality" complement :D 


What advice would you give to other producers? What aspects of production do you consider the most important?

If you don't have a lot of resources, make sure that what you have is the best that you can have. For example, a good location will help you a lot, so spend some time looking for it. And be careful with the details!


How do you perceive marketing? Do you have any secrets you'd share or outline?

I have been working mainly with advertising production for the last 10 years, I am kind of coming back to artistic video production now. So I am more looking for marketing advice than giving it, if you know what I mean.


How do you view the music and film industry in your country, Brazil? Describe how it operates.

I believe that the music and film industry in Brazil currently relies mostly on small and medium-sized productions, where artists from various regions of the country find ways to make their productions viable locally, with resources from small record labels.

It's interesting from the perspective of viability and creativity, but it would be good for more artists, both in music and video, to find the comfort of economic stability to produce with more creative freedom.


Have you produced works in other countries? What differences did you perceive? What were your experiences like?

I studied in Barcelona in 2011, at ESCAC, a fantastic film school. There, I made some short films with my classmates, and to be completely honest, it seems to me that audiovisual production is very similar everywhere in the world. It's true that my experience was quite specific, but it seems to me that the pieces and energy required to produce audiovisual content are the same. Perhaps the markets differ, maybe Brazil is more limited in this regard, but I couldn't say for sure because I haven't had that kind of experience… yet!