Pure Crime by Shizhuo He

Pure Crime by Shizhuo He, won Best Student Video in Season 12- Video is Inspired by Japanese cult films and Yandere culture, which revolves around the fascination of media portraying characters exhibiting initially loving and affectionate behaviour, later escalating into obsessive, even aggressive tendencies toward their love interest.



Pure Crime was the first mv I ever made for myself in my life and my first song as a G3GE musician. The song has a lot of meaning and a different creative mindset.

As a director, I actually tried to conceptualise what I wanted to say in the mv first, and wrote the story and the split script. It was only after the story part was roughly done that I started the songwriting part. I can say that this song was made for this visual and to fulfil a dream of going back to my youth.



I've always been very passionate about Japanese culture, not only in terms of their style of dress, but also some of the more extreme and niche cultures. For example, the character I play in the mv is a sickly girl. In her quest for love, she destroys her partner when she doesn't get what she wants, and this is how she expresses her determination for true love. I wanted to construct such an extreme character to represent the extreme love expressed in the song. I also wanted to add conflict to the visuals by contrasting the beauty of youthful schooling with the brutal aesthetics of violence, which I thought would be more appealing to the audience.