Europe Music Video Awards by on-studio, is an
international season music video festival for musicians, filmmakers and film
enthusiasts to promote their work!

Europe Music Video Awards (IMDb qualified festival) is a season international event. We
accept all music videos & songs. End of every season, our judge team watch, check and
evaluate the submitted films. The best music videos declared the winner of
the season. Our mission is to push the boundaries, to bring unique artistic music and
film experience from all over the world and to appreciate the work of the best  applicants.

Our rout is united!


OUR reviews


Thank you so much for the Best Cinematography Award!

We are thrilled and honored! It was such an amazing festival!

Lia HIde


Absolutely fantastic and professional. Loved the extra time they took to make the beautiful certificate 

Kahra Keyes


Thank you for the Best music video award given to Panik in season 6. It means a lot to us.

Balázs Dudás


Europe Music Video Awards put together such an amazing festival which we are all incredibly honored to be a part of!

Thank you so much for the best trailer award for Garbage People “Trash Is Forever”. We are beyond grateful for this recognition!

Brit Tobin


Awesome and well-organized festival. Thank you,

Europe music video awards team for selecting our music video, "Each Wave", as an Honorable Mention of the festival!

We were very honored and proud. Warm regards on behalf of myself and the whole crew.

Harel Kay


Allow Us to express our sincerest gratitude for the opportunities You provided!

Great festival, very friendly team! Wish You all the best! Thank you for a place in the final!

Mariya mahagon Makhnacheva


I am honored to have been a part of such a prestigious event.

Certainly I am overjoyed and most appreciative of this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for making me feel like the most important of all and the opportunity for growth in my career.

Tracy R. Kincaide


Amazing, seamless, very well organized festival. Standard of this festival is high and their

communication is professional and attentive. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Sarina Film Productions



This Festival was SO AWESOME to us! Lunarcode is so appreciative of our multiple awards.

Your festival is truly magic and special. thank you thank you!

Vincenzo Carubia


Europe Music Video Awards is a promising new film & music festival full

of professional who will help your talent thrive! Thank you so much for your precious support!

Dimitris Nezis


Totally fabulous surprise to receive HONORABLE MENTION - BEST RAP for my brand new film,

"For the Skeptical". I loved the elegant certificate they promptly emailed to me

within hours of the news, as well. THANK YOU, EMA! 

 Dawn Westlake

Europe Music Awards... You guys are just the BEST!
Thank you a million times from my heart for choosing my "Flying" music video
for a "Best Sing" Award for your June/July 2022 competition!! We Are All Flying Together!!!

Amy Barbera


 Thank you for your consideration. Our first experience with the Festival was very important

to communicate and continue developping our musical projects! Best regards

Elisa Arciniegas


Thank you for this wonderful experience. My video has won award in the category of Low Budget Video

and I'm very proud and happy!

Ewelina Paula Pytiak


One of the best Music Video festivals!

Very proud to have our participation with a Music Video officially selected! Super!

Luis Dias


The Europe Music Award was a wonderful experience, and we were so impressed with their

presentation of the awards on their website, and the beautiful certificatewe received for our song,

Sounds of My Soul," which won the Best Musical Award. I definitely would recommend participating in the film festival.


 unnamed (1)

Thank you europe music award team for selecting our videodance!:)

We were so excited and proud to participate and share our art with you all!

Kelly Ayache


Thank you Europe Music Awards for officially selecting "Lift You Up" for your festival in the category of best lyrics.

This suicide prevention song can help save lives and every outreach effort is much appreciated.

Diane Kaufman


Thanks you for your invitation and Honorable Mention. It's an honour for us. From Ukraine with love,

Sincerely, Oleksii "Alexi" Kyselov


Hi, This is an appreciation to you for creating a platform that rewards creativity and hard work.

Thank you so much for selecting me as winner and thank you for theopportunity and recognition.

It is highly appreciated. This mean the world to me.



Amazing fest, amazing team and great communication... Will definitely be submitting more projects...

Thank you so much to everyone at (EMA)...!

matti way


best regerds EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS with value and knowledge

Fair judgment... my video art to name sculpture has won important title i appricate you Ramin Hosseinpour

Ramin Hosseinpour